The Royal Portraits launch at the Ritz

Thursday, the 19th April saw the star studded launch of the Royal Portraits exhibition at the Ritz London marking the opening of the collection's sale.

Support was overwhelming, with international guests and royalty in attendance including: Bianca Jagger, Goldie, Oliver Rothschild, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Sir Rocco & Lady Forte, Percy Parker, HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, HRH Princess Alia Al Senussi of Libya, Steven Berkoff, Lady Colin Campbell and Dermot Murnaghan....


The Sunday Telegraph about the Royal Portraits

Let Them Drink Vodka: How the Queen Mother Rewarded a Russian Portrait Artist

Alexei Maximov, who had been commissioned by the Moscow Kremlin Museum, also drew the Queen and the Princess Royal in March 1992.

His sitting with the Queen in the Buckingham Palace yellow drawing room is believed to have been the first time a reigning British monarch sat for a Russian artist. Now the resulting pencil drawings, and the photographs taken during the sittings, are to be displayed to the British public for the first time, at Mr Maximov's Royal Portraits exhibition at the Ritz Hotel, London. To mark her Diamond Jubilee the Queen will be presented with one of Mr Maximov's drawings of her. The rest of the Royal Portraits collection will go on sale for offers in the region of 10 million.

Mr Maximov, 60, from St Petersburg, revealed how honoured he felt drawing the Queen Mother, and how rare the sitting was......


Judith Jones' review of the recent Paul Bennett's exhibition

...On the walls of this compact gallery Paul Bennett's oil paintings break this silence by their powerful interpretations of some of the most uncontrollable, awe inspiring forces of nature, visually explored through images of the sea, skies and land. 

Here are a series of seascapes that capture the immense oceans, the essence of their force, untamed by man. He captures these overwhelming forces of nature creating images of crashing waves along rocky bays against a backdrop of varying skies. The emotion that appears to be entwined within these works reaches out and touches the viewer. You cannot help be moved by the sounds and visions portrayed here within the images. We can hear the roar of the waves and smell the salt thrown up in the air......


The Daily Telegraph about the Royal Portraits

Queen Mother's Vodka Toast to Russian Artist

When the Kremlin commissioned its first portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother it inspired her to get into the Russian spirit by suggesting a vodka toast to the artist. The drawing is one of a number of portraits of the Royal family produced for Moscow museums in the early 1990s that are expected to fetch up to £10 million . ......


The Royal Portraits Collection, first coverage in the media

Last week a publication at The Scotsman marked the start of media campaign of the Royal Portraits exhibition organised by VZ Gallery. The collection of original drawings and enamel miniatures by Alexei Maximov  will be presented to wider public in  April this year (please note the dates have changed)....


Irma Irsara, paper pulp works and installations

 The private view for the current VZ exhibition, Acqua Dialoga Coi Sassi went off with a bang on the evening of Friday 4 November, with guests coming from far and wide to toast Italian artist Irma Irsara's latest work....


The Provocaton

Dmitry Oskin was born in St. Petersburg, his background is in fashion industry. In 2009 Dmitry moved to London and focused on photography. The VZ Gallery organised his first solo show ''Provocation'' at the Old Truman Brewery in the London's East End in 2011....


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Thanks to everyone for coming to our gallery opening on November 19 and the subsequent public view the following weekend at the Dray Walk Gallery (The Old Truman Brewery). We have opened with an exhibition by two remarkable artists: Boris Laurentiev (Russia) and Natalie Richy (UK), and a gig by funky girls from The Godivas string quartet....


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